Taking deductions for charitable gifts

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Tax code determines how your charitable donations can translate into deductions. Here’s what you need to know to claim charitable donations on your tax return.

Taking Deductions for Charitable Gifts

The Ivy League Model of Investing

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Ivy League endowments have some of the best investing records in the country. Learn what advantages they use to beat the market average and why individual investors can never replicate the success of schools like Yale and Harvard.

The Ivy League Model of Investing

Timely Topic – Election Volatility


In a surprise turn of events, Donald Trump won the election to become the 45th President of the United States. In the lastest PerspectIVes, we will examine the affect on the markets and discuss the increased volatility.


Risk and Return Discussed

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Familiarize yourself with the two core principles of asset management and see how they make the world of investing possible.

Risk and Return

Financial Newsletter – October 2016

Newsletter October

In this month’s newsletter, learn how middle-class earnings have grown in the past year, as well as how ITT Technical Institute closing might impact for-profit education.

Newsletter – October 2016

Updated FAFSA Submission Window

FAFSA Submission Update

The filing window for FAFSA now begins October 1. See what changes this will bring to the filing process.

FAFSA Submissions Update

Long Term Insurance…who needs and what is it?

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Informational piece on long term care insurance, including  what it is, who needs it, average cost, coverage options and how it differs from disability insurance.

Long Term Care Insurance

Financial Newsletter – September 2016

Four Financial September Newsletter

This month, learn how different educational factors influence career earnings, and examine how the housing market is growing despite homeownership being at an all-time low.
Newsletter September 2016

Funding Higher Education and the Tax Advantages

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Spare cash can be hard to come by when battling the costs of higher education. However, there are significant higher education tax credits and deductions that you may be eligible for. Read on to find out if you qualify.

The Tax Advantages of Funding Higher Education

Business Succession Options

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Forming a plan for the succession of your business at the time of your death, disability, divorce or retirement is crucial for ensuring its future success. Learn about your options so you can create a smart plan.

Business Succession Options